May 21



I woke up at 1 pm today, it feels so good to wake up late again… however, it wont last long because school starts in like 2 weeks again for me. Atleast its only one class but waking up at 8 am for it each day? so rough

So I drove home today, and I swear it was the windiest day ever, it felt like my car was going to swerve off road and run over lovely green grass. It was 90 degrees too, so it was like a really hot burst of air in my face.

I got home and it was cool, the dirty kitchen’s cabinets are put in and it actually looks like a kitchen. No one was home yet, so I like played WoW the whole day until my mom came home and we planted some flowers.

Now I’m sitting here, uploading photos on my parent’s facebooks…… what a drag, i mean why do they even have facebooks.


Ronnier Aviles