Mar 05

Beginning of Meg and I’s AIM flirting

So I just wanted to post this, just for memories sake. This was on November 3rd, 2004. Back when Meg and I were talking on AOL instant messenger before we went out lol….

subwAy369: o hi
subwAy369: u spelled my name wrong
megme90:  oh sorry 
subwAy369: u better be 
subwAy369: whats up
megme90: lol omg! im soo dumb
subwAy369: ?
megme90: so my friend jessica told me to like ask this guy jd out
megme90: and i was like noo but i asked him out like hey do u want to go out with me tommorow but i meant like outside.. so ya..
subwAy369: lol
subwAy369: wow…. u ruined chance of a life time
megme90: im so stupid 
megme90: heres wat i said
megme90: megme90: hey do u wanna go out with me tomorrow
Petfuji: what does that mean
Petfuji: ?
subwAy369: LOL
subwAy369: haha is he asian?
megme90: megme90: wait wat do think it means..
Petfuji: you want me to go out with you
megme90: ya like outside when we leave
Petfuji: if you want to
Petfuji: yes
Petfuji: i will go oout with
megme90: Petfuji: you
subwAy369: oooo
subwAy369: ur a lucky girl
megme90: no do u think hes asian cuz alot of asian peoples names are like acronyms
megme90: noooo shutup! that was a very stupid move
subwAy369: wait…. so what do u mean “when we leave?”
megme90: like after school when we leave the building
subwAy369: wow…. so what happened….
megme90: crap he thought like seriously go out
subwAy369: LOL
subwAy369: i thought that too
subwAy369: man now i feel stupid
megme90: jessica has the worst ideas
subwAy369: who’s jessica
megme90: my friend that convinced me to ask him
subwAy369: i mean is she pretty?
subwAy369: hehe
megme90: in a tricky sorta way that FAILED!
subwAy369: so what now… he thinks u like him?
megme90: i dont know … i dont know
subwAy369: uh oh….
subwAy369: u should say u already have a boyfriend
megme90: i dont know i dont really look at girls in that way
subwAy369: then say i dont like u anymore
megme90: thats soo mean!
subwAy369: lol
subwAy369: then run away really really fast
megme90: i have a boyfriend and i dont like u now go away like that?
megme90: lol!
subwAy369: its perfect! 
megme90: haha ur so funny
subwAy369: well is he ugly or hot?
megme90: he has pretty eyes but hes not as hot as u or mike
subwAy369: omg im hot too? i never knew that
megme90: lol
megme90: jk?
subwAy369: who’s mike…
megme90: that really consieted kid
subwAy369: o
subwAy369: i know him
megme90: me too8-)
subwAy369: u thought he was hot? because i thought he was smokin hot
megme90: eeew i didnt think he was hot hes like 10 or 12
megme90: ooh smokin hot?
megme90: wow oc tommorow!
subwAy369: YEAH!!! OMG I CANT WAIT
subwAy369: MY FAVORITE SHOW!!!!
megme90: ME TOOOOOO!
subwAy369: NO WAY MINE TOO!!!
megme90: ugh i cant belive ryan slept with her that caused her to end her relationship with eddy and possibly have a baby!
subwAy369: ya omg… but ronneil said it was awesome
subwAy369: he was like saying it was awesome all over and over again
megme90: wat was?

subwAy369: and im like omg it was awesome?
megme90: THATS COOL?
subwAy369: ya?
subwAy369: i look like leo in that picture?
megme90: i dont really get it
subwAy369: i dont think so
megme90: ya u kinda do
megme90: not ur eyes though
subwAy369: o
subwAy369: how come ur wearing a bikini bra on the outside of your shirt on ur xanga? hehe
megme90: lol u like it?
subwAy369: ya
subwAy369: its sexy
megme90: it was danyas and i just put it on and krystel took a pic of it cause she takes a lot of pictures
megme90: haha ur funny
megme90: i gotta go are u coming to kcs birthday thing on Frieday
subwAy369: ya… krystel takes lots and lots of pictures
subwAy369: maybe 
subwAy369: only if ur there hahah
megme90: haha i guess ull be there then
subwAy369: darn
subwAy369: okay
subwAy369: see ya later then
megme90: wat?
megme90: bye
subwAy369: i thought u were going
subwAy369: girlz are so confusing
megme90: i am i was gonna press the sign off button but u disturbed me
subwAy369: haha
megme90 signed off at 6:33:37 PM. 
megme90 signed on at 6:33:41 PM. 
subwAy369: lol
megme90: u happy i signed off
subwAy369: yes
megme90: and now im really gonna be gone for until i get on again
subwAy369: how long is that?
megme90: boys are soo complex…
megme90: like tommorow
megme90: bye
subwAy369: omg
subwAy369: thats so long
subwAy369: ill wait for u
subwAy369: haha
megme90: i know…okay and ill be typing to u while ur waiting? that doesnt make sense 
subwAy369: wha? so ur not really going?
megme90: no i am but people keep iming me
subwAy369: wow
subwAy369: ur so popular
subwAy369: ur gonna be like bryce
megme90: no not really im a geek!
megme90: bye goodnight and sweet dreams
megme90 signed off at 6:37:19 PM.

Apr 21
When faced with a difficult decision.

When faced with a difficult decision.

Jul 19


Some random thoughts came into my brain

  • just gained 10 lbs from when school ended… time to work out again… lol
  • Just bought 100 dollar running shoes for myself like a month ago, and I haven’t utilized them efficiently
  • cut down a lot on my WoW time, but should cut it down more before school ends
  • getting lots of money, need to really go shopping sometime, anyone wanna join?
  • the basement is finally finished internal-wise without all teh walls and sheetrock
  • I guess i need to use acne medication? I don’t think so but whatever I’ll do it
  • Needs more apps on my iphone
  • needs to find out my major by fall
  • needs to pee im out
May 21



I woke up at 1 pm today, it feels so good to wake up late again… however, it wont last long because school starts in like 2 weeks again for me. Atleast its only one class but waking up at 8 am for it each day? so rough

So I drove home today, and I swear it was the windiest day ever, it felt like my car was going to swerve off road and run over lovely green grass. It was 90 degrees too, so it was like a really hot burst of air in my face.

I got home and it was cool, the dirty kitchen’s cabinets are put in and it actually looks like a kitchen. No one was home yet, so I like played WoW the whole day until my mom came home and we planted some flowers.

Now I’m sitting here, uploading photos on my parent’s facebooks…… what a drag, i mean why do they even have facebooks.


Ronnier Aviles

May 19


Hello Tumblr! I am Ronnier!

Ya, I’m going to start blogging here if you don’t mind.